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Wireless Security
Security Systems
As the name says this is our primary focus, it is what I started out doing and I believe am among the best in the area.  I will meet you at your home or business and ask you what you are looking for, what do you expect the system to do  for you. 
I will then provide some education on alarm systems, how they work and what they can and cannot do.  I will also suggest a course of action and what I would recommend you consider when we design a system that will work for you your business or your family.
Custom Audio and Video

I have a moderate amount of experience in this field.  I can design and install a whole house audio system that will provide music from any source throughout your home wether it be streaming audio from your iPod or computer or the super bowl from your cable provider.  I can also install small home theater systems. 
However if you are looking for an elaborate or top of line audio system I would encourage you to contact me and I can refer you to a couple of great companies that specialize in this type of work.

Structured Wiring

We do allot of structured wiring installations. Structured wiring is the name used for consolidation of all low voltage wiring in your home or business.  It involves home runs off all telephone, cable and network locations back to a central location (structured wiring panel).  This allows for simplified troubleshooting and servicing as well as cross connection of services (cable company providing your phone service for example).  It also allows you to get the modem, wireless router and hubs off the floor of your office and tucked neatly in an out of the way but accessible location.
CCTV,  Intercoms & Automation

I have some experience in other areas as well.  If I am able to help you out here I will be glad to.  If it is something that I cannot help you with, I will help you located someone that can.