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Our monitoring rates are also lower than most because we are not incorporating the cost of the alarm system into the monitoring payments.  When you purchase a system from us, the system is yours and you may have it monitored (by us or others) or not (a non monitored system is often referred to as a “local” system).


Rates for monitoring can vary depending on what additional services are included.  The basic rate for monitoring a residential and burglary and fire alarm is currently $21 per month.  Additional services available include supervision (daily, weekly or monthly test signals), opening and closing reports (who turned on or off the system and when), and cellular or IP based monitoring to name a few.


Many alarm companies also raise their rates at the end of each contract period.  This is their incentive for you to sign up for a 3 or 5 year agreement.  This is not a practice that we employ.  Once you sign up for monitoring, and you stay at the same location, your rates will not change. 


 Do you monitor the system yourself?

Only extremely large companies have their own central station.  A UL listed central station has to have operators 24/7 and extensive backup systems which is a very costly enterprise.  So no we do not physically do the monitoring.  We contract with a central station to monitor for all of our clients.  We do the billing, and work as an interface to the central station for changes to your account such as passwords, emergency contact information etc.


Who monitors your security systems?

I feel it is important to use a locally owned and operated central station and have chosen a The Alarm Center  in Lacy Washington.  They are fully UL licensed and locally owned and monitor all of my clients that wish to be monitored.


Do I have to have my system monitored?

No, if we install a system for you, it is your choice to have just a local alarm (siren only) or a monitored alarm.


I only use my cell phone or VoIP for my phone service; can you still monitor my alarm?

Please see the section on phone service in the "Other Information" tab.  We can monitor alarms using cellular radio, and over IP.  Using a VoIP line for security system monitoring provides some challenges.  Please call me and I can talk to you in more detail about this.


How long is the monitoring agreement?

When you sign up for monitoring we ask only for a one year commitment.  After one year, the agreement renews for 90 days every 90 days.  We do not believe in locking you into something that you do not want.  We ask for a 30 day notification if you wish to cancel.


I understand that many alarm companies increase the cost of monitoring at each renewal, will the cost of the monitoring increase when the agreement renews?

It has been my policy for the past 8 years to provide monitoring of the system we installed at the same rate as when you signed up.


Will this decrease the cost of my homeowners insurance? 

Probably.  Almost all insurance companies will give a discount for having an alarm system.  How much is dependent on the insurance company, the type of alarm you have and how extensive it is (Fire and Burglary, all doors and windows, etc)  Often times the money you save in premiums will cut the effective cost of the monitoring in half.


Will you monitor systems installed by others?

Often times we can, sometimes we can't.  Each situation is different and it is best to contact my office.


I have a few more questions, can I talk to you?

Yes I would be happy to answer any questions I can.  You can call my office (206.362.6294) or send me an email.